• Gary Farthing, Senior minister

    Gary and his wife, Mary Ellen, came to Memorial Christian Church in November 2007. Both were raised in Salem. IL. They have held ministries in several other churches in Illinois and Missouri before coming to Carlinville. Gary is a graduate of Lincoln Christian College and has been in Christian ministry since 1967.

  • Jason Lieving, Student minister

    Jason and his wife, Kristen, began serving at MCC in October 2016. They both grew up in northern Illinois. Jason is 2010  graduate of Lincoln Christian University and was ordained at Mt. Pulaski Church, Mt. Pulaski, IL. Jason and Kristen have served in various ministries at Mt. Pulaski Christian Church, South Fork Church of Christ, Rochester, IL and South Side Christian Church, Springfield, IL. They relocated to Carlinville in November of 2016.

  • barb greaves, church secretary